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A few words about us

We started in March 2010, aiming to bring the Word of God closer to all…

Life Gospel Mega Church is not just a family of Love, but a body of believers with a specific nature and purpose with strong foundations in worship, edification and evangelism.

We seek to make a real difference in the world while not neglecting to share the message of Christ.

Ministers of God

Our Approach

Our Mission
It's all about Jesus

Strategic Evangelism to all and sundry from all spheres of life into the kingdom of God.

Teaching, Training and Retraining men to discover, develop and deploy their Golden Destiny from God.

Raising and Releasing destined champions for the church and the entire world.

Our Vision
We dream to be the family

Taking the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world in fulfillment of the Great Commission thereby;

(i) Raising men that will fulfill their callings and purpose on earth, while preparing for the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

(ii) Making Somebody out of a Nobody.

(iii) Raising men of distinction in all areas and endeavours of life.

(iv) Leaving a golden legacy for generations yet unborn.


The Workers of God

The Angelic Voices
The Mega Church Choir
The Gospel Drama Unit
The Ignite Crew
The Gospel Ministers Network International
Gospel Royal Kids International School